What is Certass?

On 1st April 2002 the replacement of window(s) and/or door(s) became regulated in accordance with Part L of Building Regulations for England and Wales ; therefore any replacement of window(s) and/or door(s) in your home is subject to the requirements of these Regulations.

To meet the requirements for Building Regulations either you or your installer can apply for approval to replace your window(s) and/or door(s) through your Local Authority Building Control, alternatively you can use an installer who is registered to self certify his work through a Competent Persons Scheme such as Certass .

The Certass Glazing Scheme is a Competant Persons Scheme set up in accordance with The Department of Communities and Local Government. Installers who are members with Certass are able to certify that the installation meets the current Building Regulations. Certass will register your installation electronically with your Local Authority Building Control Office, you will then be issued with a Building Control Certificate which records that your installer has certified that the installation meets the appropriate Building Regulations.

A Certass member is required to understand the Part L Building Regulations and be capable of installing a product in your home which meets with those requirements. Your installer will therefore advise you on the design of window(s) and/or door(s) and ensure that the installed windows have the correct thermal balance. Certass conducts inspections on a random basis. Inspections will be carried out on a number of installations, through Construction Auditing Services Ltd, to ensure that Building Regulations are continually being met.

If your window(s) and/or door(s) are not registered directly with your Local Authority Building Control Office or your Installer has not registered to self certify through a Competant Persons Scheme, then you may have problems if and when you sell your home. The purchaser's solicitor will require evidence, via the registration, that the windows and doors conform to the relevant Regulations.

Certass members are required to give you the opportunity to purchase an insurance policy to protect you in the event of your installer ceasing to tradeduring the guarantee period. This would be by way of an offer of Insurance sent directly from a Certass Approved Insurance Provider, or your Installer may have an arrangement where Insurance is automatically given on all contracts, in which case you would recieve thepolicy within 6 weeks of completion of works.

The registration of your installation with Certass does not imply any guarantee as to the quality of the product or workmanship. In registering the installation the installer is simply certifying that the job conforms to appropriate Building Regulations.